Faraci BudgetSPRINGFIELD – State Senator Paul Faraci responded to the governor’s proposed budget address Wednesday.

“Illinois needs to pass a budget that is fair to parents, workers, seniors, veterans and farmers,” said Faraci (D-Champaign). “We also need to make sure the vital services that so many Illinois families rely on are fully funded. The governor’s proposed budget is a good start.”

The governor’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2024 makes a $350 million payment to Evidence-Based Funding for K-12 education and $86.4 million for special education grants.

“Putting extra dollars into evidenced based funding will help keep property taxes from rising across our area,” said Faraci.

The proposed budget also includes $26 million for continued compliance with the Ligas Consent Decree, $12 million for annual placements and $14 million for 700 new placements for children living with disabilities.

“We need to fully fund these vital programs to support young people living with disabilities along with their loved ones,” Faraci said. “The governor’s budget proposal outlines a good first step. However, we should seize this opportunity to increase funding and support to ensure our most vulnerable populations have the resources and to live their lives with dignity.”

The governors proposed budget also includes $10 million to recruit and retain minority entrepreneurs in Illinois.

“In the coming months, I hope to see negotiations continue and land in a place where Illinoisans can be confident that state is making responsible decisions,” said Faraci. “From Rantoul to Champaign/Urbana to Danville and everywhere in between, we want to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to thrive.”